Market Analysis

Let me estimate your home's value based on recently sold, similar properties in the immediate area, or let me help you make a competitive offer on a property you want to own

I can provide insight on

  • Comparable Prices
  • Market Conditions and Trends

Sellers Agent

Let me focus on selling your property according to the terms YOU want. This includes getting the best price for the property, negotiating terms, selling it quickly and managing the legal transaction.

Sellers Prep List

  • Coming Soon

Buyers Agent

Let me help you navigate the real estate market. I can help determine your needs, schedule showings, host open houses, and much more.

Buyers Prep List

  • Step 0: Get Pre-Approved
  • Step 1: Wants vs. Needs
  • Step 2: House Hunters
  • Step 3: Cash Your Reality Check
  • Step 4: Write an Offer They Can’t Refuse
  • Step 5: The Waiting Game
  • Step 6: Under (Contract) Pressure

  •         -Step 6a: Due Dilly-What?
            -Step 6b: Inspector Gadget
            -Step 6c: Your Tab or Mine?
            -Step 6d: Money Makes the World Go Around
            -Step 6e: Don’t Break the Chain
  • Step 7: Living the Dream

Kat Cannella - Buyers Guide


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